About Us

About Us

Lead Capital Partners is a prominent brand in the financial partners’ network industry, representing the successful Lead Capital Markets and Lead Capital Corp brands: TRADE.com and Finq.

With the security of regulation that covers both the European Union and many non-EU countries, partners have a choice of global target markets.

The partner products include bespoke creatives, cutting-edge CRM and reporting systems alongside custom tracking and analysis tools.

You will enjoy our generous compensation packages and the results-driven marketing strategies that drive traffic from around the world in a myriad of languages, generating quality leads and increasing conversions. All this is supported by our professional partner managers who work on an everyday basis to train you, to support you and to work for your success.

Your CFD partner

With all the expert technology, languages, and creative support you need to succeed.

Competitive Commission

Choose the most flexible and generous plan, be it CPA, hybrid or parent affiliate.

High Conversion Rates

Expert, multilingual retention teams who will work with you to boost conversions.

Advanced technology

Generated and bespoke creatives, state of the art CRM systems, and advanced platform analytics.

Dedicated Team

Experienced team of partner and affiliate managers dedicated to helping you and your clients.

Why should you join us as a partner?

  • Regulated forex and CFD trading brands with global coverage
  • Fast and reliable payments
  • Advanced tracking, reporting and analysis tools, updated hourly
  • Generous and flexible commission structures
  • Multifaceted, localized marketing tools
  • Dedicated partner management team
  • Effective marketing strategies
  • Competitive affiliate, introducing broker, and parent affiliate plans