The Lead Capital Partners top tier CRM

Partners can rely on this robust platform with integrated reporting. The CRM system is used by partners either in full or limited use for acquisition and retention, where managers can control the information stream to their teams.

Partners and agents can oversee accounts, schedule appointments, track correspondence, whilst being notified of upcoming appointments, making it simple to organize daily and future calls. This is all available on one platform where easy viewpoints access every client detail – an all-encompassing history and activity log that completes the KYC process.

Sales & Retention

CRM will become the main source of information, a comprehensive data bank, which can either be utilized in the main CRM program or delegated to separate, dedicated platforms for specific tasks and teams; for sales, retention, access and permissions.

These additional systems offer efficient management of data received from marketing campaigns and from client activity on the trading platforms. Alternatively, retention teams can reward and support clients through manual permissions to provide analysis tools, news, market reviews and other valuable resources.

In terms of training and support, our partners are assigned an Account Manager who will become an essential part of the team in the operation of day to day business. And whilst partners are supported daily, they are also encouraged to take advantage of free ongoing training to ensure that administration is streamlined, business is continuous and the conversion rate ratio is strengthened.

Benefits of partner CRM and reporting systems:

  • Security is essential when information of such high value is involved, therefore access is only allowed from whitelisted static IPs with tight login credentials.
  • Options for manual permissions and powerful filtering are ideal for retention strategies.
  • Automated Email notifications include all alerts from First Deposit, Declined Deposit and Re-deposits, to Pending PM Approval Deposit and Client Document Rejected.
  • Maximization of leads is facilitated with efficient alert mechanisms and real time client management for sales teams.
  • Expert partner support is always on hand to help in daily operations and assistance on platform functionality.
  • Continuous training is provided on new products and platform tools.


Full management of marketing campaigns and income

Partners representing our brands have full access to one of the most powerful management tools in the industry. The reporting platform is built to provide a complete and comprehensive system to cover marketing, creatives, finance and tracking. Integrated into the Lead Capital Partners website, the reporting system can be utilized by all partners to download creatives that are specifically designed to increase traffic and equip partners with leads to convert.

On our Marketing Tools page partners can find multiple banners and landing pages to promote brands and products. The steps are easy to log in, search on the campaign that will meet your business goals, add variables of extra data, copy the code into your distribution mechanism and see leads generate in the tracking system. Partners can control campaigns through pixels, keywords, sources, clients, locations, whilst at the same time all information on commissions and income are viewable by campaign and media. Editing of a campaign can be done at any time to benefit from ongoing events and maximize earnings.

Managing reports - the main sections
for partners to utilize include:

  • Monthly commission shows the exact amount earned in the month so far
  • Graph illustrates the number of impressions and clicks
  • Zones allow viewing of the latest successful banners
  • Account manager provides all the contact details of your dedicated account manager
  • Refer a friend presents the opportunity to bring sub affiliates and receive master affiliate commission for their activities
  • Statistics is the full tracking tool on the results of each campaign by traffic, history, traders and sub affiliates


Attracting multiple clients to over 2,100 instruments on WebTrader

Partners can direct clients to the innovative WebTrader platform, which is fast becoming a popular alternative to MT4. Easy to use and simple in style, WebTrader provides a fresh approach to trading.

For all levels

WebTrader is a breakthrough in mobility and fast execution trading having been developed as both a web based platform, and as an iOS and android App. However, though it is the ideal platform for quick intraday trades, the analysis tools and vast portfolio of 2,100 assets also give appeal to long term strategic traders. For partners this is an excellent selling point to promote WebTrader on specific Lead Capital Partners brands.

On WebTrader, clients have the choice of over 2,100 financial instruments from a category dropdown list. Easy execution on CFDs - in currencies, indices, bonds, ETFs, commodities and stocks - can be done through multiple routes; through the category list or on the matching cubes, or the corresponding charts. One click on the instrument, a selection of stop loss, profit stop, entry limit and entry stop to control the position, and the last click to send the order – trades are then marked on the charts and clients can monitor news feeds on the same screen to inform decisions as they trade.

Tools and analysis

For all traders, partners can promote the advanced charting and indicators on WebTrader. Over 90 indicators to edit, 10 timeframes, 3 chart styles, 6 chart settings and markers, all designed to encourage the starter trader to improve and the professional to expand their portfolio. Through our dedicated monitoring system, partners can view their clients’ trades on WebTrader in real time, allowing them to inspect, interact and support clients in their activities.

With real and practice accounts available, good spreads and low margin requirements, WebTrader appeals to all levels of trader and is a prominent selling proposition when partners invite clients to trade.

Why are clients attracted to the WebTrader platform?

  • WebTrader is available on our premium brand website ready for partners to attract clients.
  • WebTrader is simple to use for new traders and yet has a portfolio of 2,100 instruments to attract the professional.
  • WebTrader is a useful tool for those traders who prefer simplicity on the move with its functional approach to mobile App development.
  • Trusted and experienced customer support staff is on hand for all WebTrader clients, ensuring that a partner’s investment in acquiring a WebTrader client is validated.

MT4 is one of the most popular and robust platforms available to traders.

Lead Capital Partners programs are all about flexibility and options – the choice of platforms for clients is no exception. Across all brands that are marketable for partners, there is an elite range of platforms including the ever-popular MT4.

Easy access makes this respected platform available on desktop and all mobile devices through Windows, Mac, iOS and Android downloads. However, feedback shows that once on the platform, clients are keen to learn and experiment. Lead Capital Partners brands have some of the best facilities on the market in terms of education and support to engage with clients at this point in their trading.

Support and resources

Partners can direct clients to well-funded practice accounts where they can meet their support manager online and start to acquire the skills needed for successful trading. This process is augmented by the comprehensive education courses that are free to all our clients: 26 videos of which 5 are exclusively dedicated to MT4 study, plus over 70 pages of in-depth information in an eBook.

Clients are additionally impressed by the quality and relevance of the news and analysis presented on our branded sites and platforms. Under the resources offered are a selection of information channels including the Economic Calendar for global events, Market News stories and Daily Outlook videos, both pre-session and continuously throughout trading hours.

On the platform is more news to assist traders in decisions and opportunities, alongside the powerful analysis tools and Trading Central, available for motivated clients.

Why are clients attracted to our branded MT4 platform?

  • We ensure that all functions are available on MT4 for clients, plus powerful trading signals are implemented through all Lead Capital Partners’ brands.
  • Our account managers are fully versed and continuously trained to operate the platform, assist in any technical problems and train clients to take advantage of all MT4 functions.
  • MT4 platform includes multi window views, navigator panel, tools, charts, analysis, news, support and resistance levels, asset control panels, function on over 350 instruments through all asset classes: Forex, Commodities, Bonds, Indices and the Futures markets.
  • MT4 facilitates automated trading, embedded tick charts and alerts on trading positions, innovative customization tools and strategy systems.
  • MT4 has a dedicated order window to monitor the client’s full portfolio of live trades with conditions, profit and loss statement and total account balance.
  • MT4 meets the needs of higher-level technical traders, and those of starters who want to learn, improve and utilize the full range of tools available on this powerful platform.


Every device has access to our trading platforms, accounts and support

Trading on the go could not be simpler for clients through a Lead Capital Partners brand; a selling point that partners can use to stimulate more trades by more clients, with no limits on location.

WebTrader on iOS and Android App

WebTrader App is fast moving, simple to navigate, efficient for easy execution and maintains tools to facilitate the most useful functions on the platform.

Available through free download on the App Store or through Google Play, WebTrader mobile App is a program that keeps clients in touch with their accounts by unlocking the facilities to monitor trades, open and close positions, deposit, withdraw and access contact numbers and chat options. The touch screen enlargement and reduction facility on charts pulls out windows to view instruments easily and quickly across wider time spans, whilst maintaining all 2,100 assets for trading.

Security is all important for our clients and the latest encryption keys have been adopted into the WebTrader platform to ensure that clients’ trades and information are safe. Clients’ money in the meantime is segregated in Top Tier 1 bank accounts for added protection.

WebTrader, whilst being a premium platform on desktop, is now proven to be a secure method of quick trading for mobile traders of all levels.

MT4 on iOS and Android

All mobile devices are catered for with the MT4 free App download on Lead Capital Partner brands. Specifically for iOS powered machines is the App Store download, and for Android the same App is available through Google Play.

Through our branded MT4 Apps, clients can monitor real time currency rate changes, CFD shares movement and all other asset volatility. Clients can engage with their trades whilst simultaneously connecting with their dedicated support manager. Likewise, managers are still able to oversee clients’ trades and be on call when needed.

Clients have access to their account with multiple trading features such as trading orders, 50+ technical analysis tools, audio and push notifications, history of trades, all order types and execution modes, symbol charts and news of financial markets. Scaling charts through the touch screen, adjusting colours to suit, instant execution and enactment of pending orders; these are just a few of the aspects that reflect the full desktop program and allow clients to trade anytime and anyplace.

For partners’ acquisition and retention strategies, promotion of the MT4 App is an effective incentive for client sign up and being able to trade from both desktop and mobile devices through a secure program, provides flexibility for clients to trade across all platforms.

Alongside MT4 wallet sharing and access on all devices, Sirix also offers social trading

Sirix is a web based platform run on Adobe Flash but available through all devices and all internet browsers 24/7; a truly international platform for traders who want flexibility.

Multiple trading

The platform gives clients access to Live and Demo accounts, and even Guest Mode to test the suitability of the platform before signing in. The visual appearance is attractive and modern with each CFD instrument displayed using charts, rates and cubes, whilst each account has the bottom line calculation of Open P/L+Balance=Equity always in view. Managing a trade is simple with real time rates, one click execution, trading condition information and pending order features, all in 21 languages.

As an extension to our WebTrader and MT4 platforms, Sirix is popular with many traders due to wallet sharing with MetaTrader accounts. Sirix also offers the ability to switch to and from MT4, whilst being logged into these multiple platforms simultaneously from any device on both Windows and Mac.

Social trading

Sirix is also popular for social trading. In the Sirix Social Stream, clients can view the latest 100 trades and who made them alongside the Top ranked, Most copied and Most profitable traders online. Every trader who has signed up to be copied has their profile, portfolio and positions on view whilst others can choose to watch or copy. For those new to either Sirix or Social Trading, the platform also has education resources including video tutorials on these subjects and Forex CFD trading as a whole.

Joining Social Trading communities may appeal to many clients who prefer this method or like to engage with others as part of managing a portfolio across several platforms; options are open and partners have the facility through Lead Capital Partners brands to make all trading choices available to their clients.